A general spraying for the elimination of cockroaches, rodents and other insects is demanded in every space. A specialized crew for pest control sprays your common areas, working offices, households, drains, carpets and anywhere else is needed. With special insecticides we fight all of your unwanted guests!


Disinfection is the work we do for dealing with germs.
Why we have to disinfect?
There are many reasons why we should disinfect. The most important one is the confrontation of “enemies”, that carry various diseases and can even cause a fatal illness such as leptospyrosis, plaque, cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, encephalitis etc.
The emerge of epidemics and pandemics, such as the H1N1 flu, create the need to reassess our hygiene tactics and cleansing measures but also to disinfect on a daily basis as much as inside the house but also in workspaces, common rooms, transportation means etc.
Viruses can survive for several hours on a surface they have been spread to. For example when we sneeze or cough germs can spread on surfaces. On those surfaces they can remain active for over two hours.
Our hands can come into contact with the virus when they touch an infected surface (i.e. doorknobs, telephone, tap, desk surface, keyboards, toilet surfaces and other common rooms)