Quick Service’s Services

At QUICK SERVICE you have immediate service even for the most smallest urgent cases. We install laminate parquet, clean surfaces from graffiti, place mirrors, place blinds, place bathroom or kitchen accessories, wash stone or ceramic with the use of a pressure washing machine, install mailboxes, supports, metal structures, change locks, handles, glasses, ball bearing, hoses and tiles, repair concrete tile, tile waterproofing, install and maintain gutters, install and maintain air conditions, fix household appliances, masonry, wood and metal surfaces paintworks.

For Households

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For Professionals

Quick Service’s trained professionals tend to a proper job, effectively and fast.Learn More

24/7 Service

Quick Service is always ready to serve you 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Learn More

Fast Services

Quick Service provides you a big list of services it can provide.FREE Evaluation.
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Some of our services

We take on any challenge you may assign us! Whether your problem regards a repair, or the complete care of your building, Quick Service’s services are at your disposal!

Steps for renovating bathrooms – Dismantling old sanitary ware.
Dismantling old tile. – Checking and replacement of water pipes.
Read More
Plasterboard is one of the best and economic materials for the decoration and formation of your internal areas in households and professional spaces. If you try decorating with the proper lighting you will have an impressive result. Read More
QUICK SERVICE undertakes all kinds of electrical work. Complete renovation and electrical installation for workspaces, households as well as repairs, renovations and repairs.Read More
QUICK SERVICE can undertake the following insulation categories: Terrace insulation, Terrace maintenance, Tarpaper, Polyurethane, Elastomeric film, Create light weight concreteRead More
QUICK SERVICE can undertake the installation and construction for various custom woodwork design. Professional carpentry services we provide everything with one call.Read More
We undertake all kinds of construction work for the best coverage of your needs. With the help of our highly trained staff rest assured that the service we shall provide you is immediate and responsible. Read More
QUICK SERVICE can restore cracks that create between bearing structure and walls. The existence of cracks between wall and bearing structure can be caused by shrinkage dryness, high intensities or other various conflicts. Read More
QUICK SERVICE with the use of new scientific methods can face mold that causes unhygienic conditions, inelegance, mold and fungus creation. Water that is in the ground by nature is absorbed by walls.Read More
Plumbing are one of the main factors for a building’s proper operation. Most buildings usually come up with minor or major problems that result in serious malfunctions.Read More
QUICK SERVICE can undertake the full painting, wall insulation of your premises, combined with proper insulation and general renovation internally and externally. We can undertake paintings, wall insulation of any kind for the exterior of your building, using modern machinery and hoisting equipment, platforms and scaffolding. Read More

Reasons why you should trust us

  • Cleanliness
  • Consistency
  • Proper organization for completion of projects
  • Proper Materials
  • We respect your space
  • Written Guarantee
  • Reasonable prices
  • Experienced Personnel

What Clients Say

I was very satisfied from the cleanliness that the company provided, the quality of work and the personnel.
I was surprised with this company from the beginning until the end of our project together. I didn’t believe that there are professionals in this area in Cyprus. The quality of materials and cleanliness is something difficult to find in these work fields. Quick Service provides it all.
I was served about a year ago. A small problem came up and I was impressed that a crew arrived the next day and they fixed the problem right away.
Well done and keep it up.
I was pleased by the fast service that they offered me late at night and their affordable prices.
What impressed me with Quick Service is the fast service that they offered me and the timing that took place for the completion of the project. They have very affordable prices and they work with quality materials. Well done guys.
I liked their consistence and cleanliness. It’s the first time I have seen so much integrity in all areas. I wish you all the best.
At first I needed them for something small and then for a bigger project. What surprised me was the cleanliness they provide and the personnel is very professional. All the materials they used were top quality.
I liked their integrity and the way they would handle last minute problems. Also they were perfect with cleanliness. I would like to wish you the best.
It’s the fourth year that i am cooperating with Quick Service and i am very satisfied with their integrity and affordable prices. All the best.
I am very pleased with Quick Service due to the fact that with a simple phone call i can find the technician suitable for my needs. Congratulations and continue with the same ethics.
A few years ago I received a commercial leaflet. I was hesitant at first whether I would call or not. When I finally called I realized I was dealing with professionals.
Whenever we need a technician in my house or a relative’s house we always call Quick Service. The main reason are their affordable prices and their excellent personnel. Best of luck.
I was surprised with the technology they possess, the integrity and quality in every project they do. Thank you.
I came up with Quick Service through a close friend and for any technical problem i come up with i call them. Keep it up guys.
Congratulations for your hard work and integrity as a company.
Cleanliness and high quality work. Well done keep it up.