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With dynamic and outstanding presence in the area of building repairs from 1998, with complete and specialized building care, along with highly trained technicians and with respect to your needs and creation, our company QUICK SERVICE, works with the main philosophy and goal, of your best service.

Our purpose is your protection from patchwork and expensive solutions, paving for years now through our work a defining line between what is “cheap and rush”, and what really is “economical and fast”. We offer a wide range of services, that vary.

Who we are ?

Our tools
Our experience, solvency, our scientific approach with the strict application of materials and the continuous update can guarantee the results. For that reason we provide a written guarantee for the building repairs we undertake.
Our Philosophy
QUICK SERVICE, suggests the proper solutions, implements without delays its promises, justifies your trust and honors cooperating with you.
Our Promise
With us you will find, not only consistency but also evident proposals that obey the rules of excellent quality materials, at the most cost-friendly prices but also substantial expertise and creativity.
At QUICK SERVICE we respect your space and privacy. For that reason we make sure we always finish swiftly.

Our Crazy Skills

Renovations 90%
Plumbing 95%
Electrical 85%
Express Delivery 75%

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